Simple Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Simple Eye Makeup for Green Eyes – Having such a unique feature of a part of our body could be a distinctive aspect to be looking stand out from others. This unique common feature which usually acknowledged is about the green color right in the middle of the eyes. This feature need a support to make it even better, and the closest possible one is by applying the simple eye makeup for green eyes as appropriate and beautiful.

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Makeup for Blue Eyes – How to Accentuate Your Blue Eyes

Makeup for small eyes – Not everyone has blue eyes, but if you’ve got them, they certainly deserve to be your dominant feature. with the right makeup for blue eyes, you can make them pop. However, you have to get the basics right, more so when you consider that the primary aim of using makeup on blue eyes is to enhance their natural beauty and not to overpower them. Here’s is how.
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Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

Makeup for small eyes – Brown eyes are your type of experimental eyes, they are gorgeous, extremely sexy and have that natural allure.  When you correctly apply eye makeup for brown eyes then you will have that lovely look. Make it trendy and extremely elegant. Brown eyes are either dark brown or light brown eyes.

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Step by Step How to Put Make Up On the Right Way

Know How to Put Make Up – For the girl, the skill of doing her makeup is the key to make her beautiful. It is important to know how to put make up on correctly so she will look stunning. Some girls are getting it wrong when it comes about to put the makeup on because they do it excessively. As the result, they look like the beast instead of get pure beauty. There is a fine line between using good makeup and excessive makeup and the girl should know about it. And one thing that you should know, the makeup will make the girl is more beautiful. [Read more…]

Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes – Unlike the common belief that the hazel eye color is a simple brown coloration of the pupil, studies prove that it is actually a blend of brown, blue and gold. This color can change depending on the kind of lighting. In this case the eyes might appear green, blue or different shades of brown. This makes figuring out eye makeup for hazel eyes an art.

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3 Things You Should Know about Eyeshadow for Small Eyes

Eyeshadow for Small Eyes – When it comes to your face, there is no doubt that your eyes represent its most prominent feature. In almost any situation, the eyes will be the first thing someone notices about you. But, some of you might feel that they have small eyes, but rest assured that this fact can be resolved in a simple manner. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can successfully use eyeshadow for small eyes.

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