10 Incredible Tips to Make Your Look Eyes Bigger!

Makeup for small eyes From smokey eyes to faux lashes, it is surprising to see the lengths at which a modern woman would go to make her eyes look bigger. But does the quest of increasing the appearance of your eyes have to be that painstaking? Well, it doesn’t have to be! As a matter of fact, you can use simple makeup for small eyes tricks to make sure you get the much sought after bright-eyed look instantaneously as outlined below.

makeup for small eyes

makeup for small eyes


1. Treat Puffy Eyes

Waking up to puffy eyes can be disturbing and stressing, to say the least. However, treating puffy eyes is as easy as applying cooled off tea bags on the eyes in the morning. The caffeine in the bags helps reduce the intensity of puffiness and gets rid of dark circles as well.

2. Try a Slight Cat Eye

You can make your eyes look bigger with a winged eyeliner. This is done by applying the eyeliner on the upper part of the lid in such a way that it extends to the tip. Your lashes should act as a guide to help you know up to which extent you will apply the eyeliner.

Makeup For Small Eyes

makeup for small eyes


3. Define Your Crease

Defining creases may be one of the most used techniques to make small eyes look bigger, but it still works like magic and should not be ignored. However, you have to do it right to get the desired results without exaggerating the look. Be sure to use a fluffy brush to ensure that the matte formula is evenly spread from the outer corners up to the centers of your eyes.

4. Even Out

One of the primary reason eyes appear small is the presence of dark circles. However, with the right makeup for small eyes, you can reduce the effects of dark circles and actually make your eyes look bigger. With the right concealer, you can light up the whole area and shift the attention to the darker lashes. Go with a shade that is relatively lighter than your skin’s color to illuminate and correct any purple and blue tones. Choose products that are formulated using ingredients that blend well below the eyes, over the lid and most importantly form an even base.

Makeup For Small Eyes

makeup for small eyes


5. Draw a Tight Line

Enhancing your lashes is an integral part of making your eyes look bigger. Apply a super thin layer of black liquid liner along the base of your upper lashes. The resultant effect is large, brightly colored eyes. Use felt tipped options such as the Precision Pen to apply the rich dark blue color while ensuring that you have both the control and precision. Consider adding a little flick in the end just to make sure the eye stands out a bit.

6. Consider Color

You can use pencil colors too to increase the appearance of your eyes. Some of the incredible colors to use include brown and black as well as navy. If you decide to go with the shadows, choose effervescent shades such as aqua, pink or silver. These are best worn on bare lids and blend in well with mascara and groomed brow. Lavender eye shadows are equally good at flattering and brightening your eyes. Also, a dark color applied at the corners of the lashes can be excellent particularly for an evening look. Keep off matte formulas; they are not only old fashioned but also don’t reflect light as well.

7. Don’t Neglect the Bottom

It is not always that you will apply thick black eyeliner to the bottom lid particularly if you have small eyes, but that does not necessarily mean ignoring the bottom part of your eye in totality. Keep it simple by applying mascara left over on the wand beginning from the top of your eyes. Follow this by applying the champagne or little blue cream liner at the center of the bottom lashes, an action makes the eyes appear even bigger.

Makeup For Small Eyes

makeup for small eyes

8. Curl Your Eyelashes

Apart from applying makeup for small eyes, you may consider curling the lashes to make the eyes look bigger as well. By curling the lashes, you are in essence lifting them up more so that the eye can be visible. It is one of those “quick fixes” for small eyes that really works.

9. Groom the Brows

Growing your brows can go a long way in making small eyes look bigger. The eyebrows frame the eye thus keeping them neat is important if you want to increase the appearance of your eyes. Stray hairs at the bottom of your eyes will make the eyelid look smaller while the messy brows at the top of the eyes will serve as a distraction, therefore pluck, plush and pencil them to if you want to make your small eyes stand up.

10. How to Maximize Your Eyes With Mascara

Making your eyes appear larger using mascara means using lots of it. However, you may consider going for formulations that will create longer and fuller lashes. Some products contain collagen and keratin, two of the most important compounds when it comes to increasing the size of small eyes. Also, check for products that come with long, wide and dense brushes that can be use to apply the mascara. The brush should be fluffy enough to coat the eyes with an enough mascara without putting you at the risk of getting clamps.

Avoid applying one layer of mascara as it may not be as effective. Instead, apply a layer of mascara, give it time to dry then add another layer. You may even consider adding a third coat to the outer lashes, in a bid to draw attention to the shape of your eyes.

We all like large eyes that are easily noticeable from afar. However, that does not mean using brightly colored eye shadows or spending absurd amounts of money to make it happen. All you have to do is use makeup for small eyes coupled with a few tricks here and there and the rest falls into place. With the tips outlined here, you are certainly on the right launch pad to making your small eyes look bigger without having to go through so much trouble.


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