3 Things You Should Know about Eyeshadow for Small Eyes

Eyeshadow for Small Eyes – When it comes to your face, there is no doubt that your eyes represent its most prominent feature. In almost any situation, the eyes will be the first thing someone notices about you. But, some of you might feel that they have small eyes, but rest assured that this fact can be resolved in a simple manner. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can successfully use eyeshadow for small eyes.

1. How to change the shape of your eye shape with eyeshadow

Using a big concentration of eyeshadow on any set of eyes that appear to be small will close off the same eyes further, making them look even smaller. Instead, you should make them look bigger and more prominent, but also make them appear that they are more set apart. This can be achieved by employing light colors on your eyelids, but also applying some on the brow bone. After that, you should apply a somewhat darker shade in the crease area across your eyes, which will also make them look bigger.

2. Using a mid-tone eyeshadow

If you think your lower eyelids are not big enough, you should probably not use eyeliner extensively. Instead, you should use a darker tone and smudge some of it on the lower lash line which will make them look thicker. Also, when it comes to mid-tone eyeshadows, these can be also applied to the lower lash line in the form of eyeliner. The same can be done by using slanted eyeliner brush and will result in bigger looking eyes.

3. Apply neutral or lightest shade of eyeshadow

When it comes to tips on how to use eyeshadow for small eyes, applying a neutral or even the lightest shade of eyeshadow on your eyelids will produce a great effect. The same eyeshadow should be applied from the lash line all the way to the brow bone. In the case you do not employ neutral eyeshadow, using light eyeshadow with high reflectivity like peach, white, yellow-beige, ivory or even pale pink can do wonders. These also have the power to present your eyes in a manner that will make them look a lot bigger than they truly are.

eyeshadow for small eyes

eyeshadow for small eyes


Having small eyes does not mean that you have to feel uncomfortable because of them. With these tips and tricks on how eyeshadow for small eyes can be used to great effect, anyone can find a way that they can receive larger looking eyes. This will result in more confidence and you will feel much better whenever someone gazes deeply into your new, beautiful eyes.

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