Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes – Unlike the common belief that the hazel eye color is a simple brown coloration of the pupil, studies prove that it is actually a blend of brown, blue and gold. This color can change depending on the kind of lighting. In this case the eyes might appear green, blue or different shades of brown. This makes figuring out eye makeup for hazel eyes an art.

1. Shades of Brown

The brown eye makeup color is most suitable for hazel eyes. It best brings out the real brownish color of the eyes. There are different shades of brown. Gold helps to bring out the shimmer green and gold flecks in your eyes.

Caramel accentuates your true brown color of your eyes while at the same time achieving an effortless natural look. It doesn’t overshadow the hazel hence brings more focus to the eyes. Dark earthy brown is a fashionable and at the same time professional eye makeup for hazel eyes.

Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

2. Use a Bronzer

Some shades are more defined than others in different hazel eyes. However in order to bring out the true brown color in any hazel eye, the use of a bronzer is necessary.

You can work the complexion of the facial skin to help bring out the best of your hazel eyes. Use a bronzer around your cheeks, nose and forehead to round up all the attention towards the eyes. Use a bronzer with shimmer for a party and edgy look.

3. Use Brown Eyeliner

The usual black eye liner can work for your hazel eyes but a brown eyeliner is the ultimate secret weapon. In this case, perfectly line the lower eyelid with the eyeliner. You can use a pencil or a brush. A touch of perfect golden eyeliner finish around the edges will add a touch of fun to your eyes.

4. Apply Smoky Eyeliner

Smokey eye can work perfectly with your eyes as long as you avoid certain colors that clash with the hazel. Smokey eyeliner purposely makes your eyes bold and dramatic. In this case, use an ordinary black eyeliner with a reddish undertone. Thickly apply the eyeliner on the top and bottom eye lids. In order to enhance the Smokey appearance, use a brush to smudge the liner.

There is a wide variety of eye makeup for hazel eyes. You can have the eye make up color depending on the hue of your hazel pupils; green, blue and different shades of brown. Take advantage of this outstanding eye color to pull off different looks effortlessly.

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