Makeup for Blue Eyes – How to Accentuate Your Blue Eyes

Makeup for small eyes – Not everyone has blue eyes, but if you’ve got them, they certainly deserve to be your dominant feature. with the right makeup for blue eyes, you can make them pop. However, you have to get the basics right, more so when you consider that the primary aim of using makeup on blue eyes is to enhance their natural beauty and not to overpower them. Here’s is how.

Eye shadow options for blue eyes

The quest to enhance the way your blue eyes appear starts by choosing the right eye shadow for the right occasion. if you work in an office choose brown, neutral, rose or terracotta eye shadows. if you want to shift focus to the color of your eyes, purple eye shadow are just marvelous. lavender is incredible during the day while deep plum is exceptional for the evening. If you are attending a special night out, you may consider wearing metallic eye shadows such as silver or gold. You may choose to stick to turquoise or icy pink if you really want to accentuate your blue eyes.

Buying shadow for blue eyes

Blue eyes blend well with a multiplicity of colors, thus buying makeup for blue eyes should not be difficult. however, some colors can enhance the way your blue eyes look better than others. When buying eyes shadows for blue eyes, it is imperative that you go for the colors that will give the eyes a little more intensity or they won’t stand out as you want them to. You need to mull over things such as the tone of your skin and hair color as well as the exact blue shades of your eyes. What may appear stunning on a blue-eyed woman with dark brown hair does not necessarily mean it will have the same effect on another woman who is blonde with baby blue eyes.

makeup for blue eyes

makeup for blue eyes

Smoky look

Dark blue tones are excellent in bringing out the natural beauty of blue eyes. dark blue mascara looks magnificent when used on blue eyes particularly if you are attending an evening event. You may also use smoky eye makeup, embedded with charcoal gray or just stick to purple shadow.

Black or blue makeup for blue eyes is great, particularly when used at night. If you want to create a passionate and a relaxed look at the same time, using a navy mascara or eyeliner instead of black might just do the trick.

makeup for blue eyes

makeup for blue eyes


wing it!

Besides the makeup, there is nothing that can shift focus to your blue eyes than a cat-eye or winged eyeliner. winged eye liners are excellent at putting the spotlight on your blues eyes. The beauty of it is that winged eyeliners appear stunning in any shade, from orange to violet and turquoise as well as black. A winged look can match any occasion save for the special occasions when you may consider getting a striking look with a thicker and extended line.

If you are a blue-eyed woman you don’t have to lose yourself in a wrinkle of frustration to enhance the way your eyes appear. The makeup for blue eyes tips outlined above is just what you need to set you on the correct launch pad to add beauty to your already beautiful blue eyes.

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