Step by Step How to Put Make Up On the Right Way

Know How to Put Make Up – For the girl, the skill of doing her makeup is the key to make her beautiful. It is important to know how to put make up on correctly so she will look stunning. Some girls are getting it wrong when it comes about to put the makeup on because they do it excessively. As the result, they look like the beast instead of get pure beauty. There is a fine line between using good makeup and excessive makeup and the girl should know about it. And one thing that you should know, the makeup will make the girl is more beautiful.

So far, the girls forget that they use the makeup because they want to hide her natural beauty. It is not surprising that the beautiful girl looks ugly because she wrongs on doing her makeup. A makeup artist says that you shouldn’t let your natural beauty covered by powder and lipstick. But you should know how to use the powder and lipstick to make you more beautiful. And here is the tutorial of how get your makeup done on the right way.

1. Owl Eyes
You can make ‘owl eyes’ when you try to apply the under eye concealer. It is important to know where areas you need to cover. You can stare straight to the mirror and tip your chin down a little bit. You will get clear view of the dark area that needs to be covered.

2. Apply the Foundation
You can spread the color with brushed downward at times while you turn your face. And then you need to tilt a little bit of your head so you can see the line on your jaw and under your chin. You need to blend the color at proper way to get a good result.

how to put make up on 2016

3. Apply the Blush
You will cute if you have your blush on properly. For a girl with obvious cheekbones, it is easier to apply the blush on. And for those who have no obvious cheekbones, you need to know how to put make up on the cheek. You just need to suck in your cheek and follow the lines on the cheek. Don’t be excessive and make sure both of cheeks have the same color proportion.

4. Apply the Powder
This is the opposite of the how to apply the blush. You need to fill your mouth with more air so the cheekbones are hidden. It will cause a good result because it won’t accumulate the powder and make wrinkles. After that, you can relax your face and start to give finishing touch with powder.

5. Apply Fake Lashes
You can start to smirk and put the lid with your finger softly. That way, it would make you easier to reach the lashes lines. And be careful in pull the center of the lashes lines for a good end.

Those are several basic steps of how to put make up on your face correctly. It takes time to get used to it so don’t stop to keep trying.

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